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Raze 2

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Raze 2 - continuation of the legendary “Raze” flash game, the second part of the popular game with large number of new levels and opportunities. A few years ago Earth was attacked by aliens. Monsters were too strong so that ordinary soldiers could resist them. Monsters spread the virus, and every soldier of the group was infected. Millions of innocent people were destroyed, cities were burned, entire countries, in which they lived, collapsed. The whole world created an elite squad of resistance. Its soldiers were equipped with modern weapons, and were designed to give a decisive battle to aliens. To prevent war heroes from infection, members of the group were placed in a cryogenic sleep. Time has passed, and the attack repeated. Just as suddenly as it was done previously, aliens attack our planet again. You are the last surviving soldier of the former group. The RAZE 2 code-named mission begins. The dynamic technology has made it possible for you to enjoy some of the best online games at the comfort of your home. The games are available in various formats. This means that you can either play alone or invite a friend to play with. Raze 2 is one of the online games that is currently making headlines among the online game enthusiasts. Raze 2 is very appealing and attractive thanks to the elegant display of attractive graphics. It is an easy game to play and also suitable for new internet users. It entails a combat scene where you are required to make use of highly sophisticated guns to wipe out the enemies. You have a wide selection of weaponry that you can always choose from. When it comes to speed and performance, you need not to worry. This is because Raze 2 offers a flexible control mechanism that you can use to increase the speed of your game thus making it fascinating. The software that hosts this game is highly compatible with most of the portable hand held devices. This implies that you do not have to spend your time in the cyber cafe in order to enjoy this game. You can simply download the Raze 2 software into your smartphones and enjoy the game from any place and at any time. Access to this online game is absolutely free. This means that you can save a great deal of your financial resources by resorting to play this kind of online game. Similarly, there are no bureaucratic procedures involved in accessing this game. You will not be faced with multiple requirements of passwords that are easily forgotten. Above all, Raze 2 is usually reviewed on a regular basis.This ensures that you have a fresh game always. Your instructor will meet sleeping you near the laboratory, and will give first indications. Together, you will begin a long battle against terrible enemies. Get a good weapon and collect full arsenal. Do not forget to pick up bonuses in the form of protective shields, and constantly needed aid kits. To win rounds kill more enemies than the opposing team. Aim heads, if you want to quickly deal with monsters. You have to fight with dangerous aliens to save the human race from the spread of a deadly virus. Little secret about 4x health: at the first level find the trampoline, jump and wait until rocket lands, then go back and jump over the slippery stuff to unlock new achievements. In this game, you have two choices: become a defender of humanity from alien forces, or choose the path of the invader that has destroyed most of humanity. Both of them have great assortment of weapons, equipment and skills. The choice is yours. Your character must engage in battles, your hero- your rules. Do it the way you want: good or evil, defender or destroyer. The fate of the planet Earth is in your hands. In the game you have to go through a series of obstacles and mortal dangers, escape from enemy bullets, and destroy enemies. Your commander knows about mission difficulty. Therefore, you can use the extensive list of diverse abilities and powerful weapons. To control the hero use keyboard buttons WASD or arrow keys, for the shooting - mouse, 1-9 - choice of certain weapons, Q, E - selection (switching) weapons, P or Ctrl - pause, Tab - evaluation. We wish you a successful game.

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